Screenplay Author

Works at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg

  • 6 Stunden (“6 hours“),  2009, short documentary/portrait, 12 min, German
    director: Andreas Schnögl
    concept: Daniel Schuler
    developed in: Filmmaking 1
  • A Smile of Glass ,  2009,film noir short film in English language. 9 minutes
    director, producer, screenwriter: Daniel Schuler, with: Philipp A. Heitmann, Lisa Wildmann
    developed in: Directing 1
  • Wohin fliegst du?, (“Where are you flying to?“), 2010, draft for the short film „Kabul ist kein Krieg“ (“There is no war at Kabul“), short film, 8 minutes, broadcasted on ARTE television
    director/screenwriter: Stephan Schaller, producers: Veronika Gamper, Magalie Armand
    with: Lea Brenn, Felipe Ould Sidi Mahmoud, Regine Zimmermann
    developed in: Ludwigsburg-Paris workshop
  • Gleich und Ungleich (“Equal and Unqual“), 2011, autobiographic short documentary , 22 minutes
    director/concept: Daniel Schuler, producer: Anna-Luise Dietzel
    with: Bernd Schuler and Daniel Schuler
    developed in: Filmmaking 2
  • Wir sind wieder wer („We are up again“) – Testimonial , 2012, long trailer (testimonial) and concept for a historical prime time drama series
    production: Steffen Hofbauer, screenplay: Daniel Schuler, direction: Thomas Stuber
    with: Christoph Bach, Heiner Lauterbach, Steffi Kühnert, Nina Marischka, Gottfried Breitfuß, Katharina Heyer, Henriette Confurius, Liv Liesa Fries, Jermias Acheampong, Harry Täschner,…
    developed in: Series Producing 3
    Sample (trailer)

Thesis Screenplay (2013)

Land der Verlorenen (“Land of the Lost“)

    is a historical polit thriller about the German victims of the Argentine military junta during the 1970s and failure of foreign policy. The project was supported by Baden-Württemberg Stiftung’s scholarship programme.

> Sample (PDF)


  • Der Platz an der Sonne (Exposé) (“The Place in the Sun”) – historical TV movie, Odeon TV Köln


  • Auf die Barrikaden/mounting the barricades (Exposé) – comedy, Ziegler Film Baden-Baden
  • Der Komplex/The Complex (tv show concept ) – thriller show, together with Steffen Hofbauer, Studio Hamburg
  • Doktorspiele/Playing Doctor (Exposé) – comedy,  adaptation of the autobiography of Gert Postel, Venice Pictures
  • Dr. Arab (tv show concept) – Dramedy show, H&V Entertainment
  • Gerda Taro (Exposé) – historical movie, BER Film &TV Produktion
  • Moulin Rouge (tv show concept) – historical tv show, H&V Entertainment


  • Breaking News (tv show concept) – Thriller show, adaptation of the best selling novel by Frank Schätzing, together with Christoph Darnstädt und Ulf Tschauder, UFA Fiction


  • Bloody Business (Exposé) – thriller, for director and producer Steffen Bärmann
  • Cappenberg (screenplay) – multimedia museum concept, Studio FIZBIN
  • Karl und Friedrich (tv show concept) – historical tv show, UFA Fiction


  • Cobalt (script editing and counseling) – by Igor Sirjanow, multimedia short film, Desert Ship Studios
  • Schwesterherz/Sis (dialog episodes 1-3) – Telenovela, UFA Serial Drama for Sat1 broadcasing


  • Sparta und die Kunst der Zerstörung/Sparta and the art of destruction (screenplay, editing and counseling) – movie, together with director Dino Weisz and funded by Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung MDM
  • Fresserland/Land of the Eaters(concept) – fairy tale movie, for director Kristin Franke
  • In my body (treatment) – movie, with director Florian Gottschick


  • Container (Treatment) – movie, with director Christian Werner, applying for funding
  • Raju (concept) – mini-series, with Lisa van Brakel and Anika Soisson, Warner Bros Germany


  • Exosphere (dramaturgical consulting) – by Igor Sirjanow, Desert Ship Studios
  • 10 Funerals and 1 Death (treatment) – feature film, with Joanna Klinger and Michael Geidel, Actrio Studio
  • Ende Gelände – der Masterplan (concept) – animation web series & comedy, with Nina Prange

Fiction Author

  • Jeder bekommt den Himmel, den er verdient (“Everyone gets the heaven he deserves“), 2011, satirical short story,
    published in the anthology „Anderwelt“ („Otherworld“)
    publisher: Primero Verlag (www.primeroverlag.de)


Radioplay Author

  • Utopia 1: Krone der Schöpfung(“Utopia 01: Crown of Creation”), 2011, pilot episode of a radio play series, science-fiction/last days, 67 min
    director, producer: Marc Fehse
    written by: Daniel Schuler (using the sci-fi pseudonym „Daniel Scolaris“)
    with: Christian Rode, Martin Sabel, Heinz-Dieter Vonau, Karen Schulz Vobach, Wolf Frass, others
    label: Marctropolis
     Sample (Intro)

Game Author

  • NOVA, since 2006, Sci-fi role playing game
    producer: Daniel Schuler
    author/editor/manager: Daniel Schuler (using the sci-fi pseudonym „Daniel Scolaris“)
    publisher: Prometheus Games Verlag (www.prometheusgames.de) and self-publishing (www.nova-rpg.de)
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