Screenplay Author

Works at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg

  • 6 Stunden (“6 hours“),  2009, short documentary/portrait, 12 min, German
    director: Andreas Schnögl
    concept: Daniel Schuler
    developed in: Filmmaking 1
  • A Smile of Glass ,  2009,film noir short film in English language. 9 minutes
    director, producer, screenwriter: Daniel Schuler, with: Philipp A. Heitmann, Lisa Wildmann
    developed in: Directing 1
  • Wohin fliegst du?, (“Where are you flying to?“), 2010, draft for the short film „Kabul ist kein Krieg“ (“There is no war at Kabul“), short film, 8 minutes, broadcasted on ARTE television
    director/screenwriter: Stephan Schaller, producers: Veronika Gamper, Magalie Armand
    with: Lea Brenn, Felipe Ould Sidi Mahmoud, Regine Zimmermann
    developed in: Ludwigsburg-Paris workshop
  • Gleich und Ungleich (“Equal and Unqual“), 2011, autobiographic short documentary , 22 minutes
    director/concept: Daniel Schuler, producer: Anna-Luise Dietzel
    with: Bernd Schuler and Daniel Schuler
    developed in: Filmmaking 2
  • Wir sind wieder wer („We are up again“) – Testimonial , 2012, long trailer (testimonial) and concept for a historical prime time drama series
    production: Steffen Hofbauer, screenplay: Daniel Schuler, direction: Thomas Stuber
    with: Christoph Bach, Heiner Lauterbach, Steffi Kühnert, Nina Marischka, Gottfried Breitfuß, Katharina Heyer, Henriette Confurius, Liv Liesa Fries, Jermias Acheampong, Harry Täschner,…
    developed in: Series Producing 3
    Sample (trailer)

Thesis Screenplay (2013)

Land der Verlorenen (“Land of Losts“)

    is a historical polit thriller about the German victims of the Argentine military junta during the 1970s and failure of foreign policy. The project was supported by Baden-Württemberg Stiftung’s scholarship programme.

> Sample (PDF)

Jobs (2013-2017)

  • TV movies ordered by various production companies (Odeon TV, Venice Pictures, Ziegler Film, BER Film) as pitch papers, exposes and treatments. The focus is on the genre of historical drama and comedy.
  • TV show concepts ordered by Studio Hamburg, H&V Entertainment Munich, UFAfiction Potsdam in the genre of historical drama, medical drama and thriller.
  • movie “Sparta and the art of destruction” together with director Dino Weisz, wunderwelt pictures and funded by Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung MDM
  • movies on own behalf in the field of thriller and comedy.

Fiction Author

    • Jeder bekommt den Himmel, den er verdient (“Everyone gets the heaven he deserves“), 2011, satirical short story,
      published in the anthology „Anderwelt“ („Otherworld“)
      publisher: Primero Verlag (www.primeroverlag.de)


Radioplay Author

  • Utopia 1: Krone der Schöpfung(“Utopia 01: Crown of Creation”), 2011, pilot episode of a radio play series, science-fiction/last days, 67 min
    director, producer: Marc Fehse
    written by: Daniel Schuler (using the sci-fi pseudonym „Daniel Scolaris“)
    with: Christian Rode, Martin Sabel, Heinz-Dieter Vonau, Karen Schulz Vobach, Wolf Frass, others
    label: Marctropolis
     Sample (Intro)

Game Author

  • NOVA, since 2006, Sci-fi role playing game
    producer: Daniel Schuler
    author/editor/manager: Daniel Schuler (using the sci-fi pseudonym „Daniel Scolaris“)
    publisher: Prometheus Games Verlag (www.prometheusgames.de) and self-publishing (www.nova-rpg.de)