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Tv show concept & testimonial „We are up again“ (2012)

A German village, situated in the American Occupied Zone, in 1953. The long-time township priest dies of potassium cyanide poisoning. His successor, JOSEPH, believes: The old clergyman was murdered. When he starts to ask uncomfortable questions he encounters a wall of silence and rejection. In a game of double moral standards and suppression of the past the villagers fight to keep up the shiny façade of the dawning “Wirtschaftswunder” (“economic miracle”). The murder wakens old ghosts and memories – and it shows: The villagers still have to settle old scores. The “film noir” styled show tells about restoration and raise, of outrageous love, the corset of prudery, of identity and righteous faith and the search for truth in the young Federal Republic of Germany.

cover_LdVThesis Screenplay “Land of Losts” (2013)

Buenos Aires in 1978 – Argentine during the military dictatorship. Aspiring German arms salesman PETER tries to make a big deal with principled Admiral JUAN. When Juan’s daughter is killed by a Guerilla attack and Peter’s friend Fredo disappears Peter sets out on a search. He believes in Juan’s story that Fredo became a terrorist and went into hiding. But Peter’s friend is actually under Juan’s thumb. Discovering this, Peter tries both: To sell his weapons and to save his friend. But when a human life is at stake, opportunism is not an option…

Read an excerpt (German).


Anderwelt RZ.indd
Short story “Everyone gets the heaven he deserves“ (German)

“Man hat mich verarscht. Das wurde mir in dem Moment klar, in dem sich vor mir kein weißer Tunnel auftat. Stattdessen glich meine Himmelfahrt eher einem Autauchen aus einer zähen Kloake. Schwarz, fermentbestimmt und gestunken hat es auch. Ein bischen so wie damals, als ich als Kind in das Sammelbecken des städtischen Klärwerks von Bergisch Gladbach gefallen war, nachdem mein Bruder Elgin mich hinein gestoßen hatte.”

Continue reading (German). Caution:  religion satire…


Krone Cover
Intro of “Crown of Creation“

Civilisation as we know it is no more. Through its ashes an dust a group of pilgrims follows the visions of its leader to a better future. But not only they cross the path of „God’s Dream“ fanatics: In the ruins a sinister brood is nesting that hunts down everything and everyone…

Listen to the intro (German):


On the NOVA-Website, you may find a lot of free download material of the science-fiction role playing game.

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