beyond now

Maybe I had an overprotected childhood. Or at least that’s how I recall it. There was no alcoholism in my family, no unemployment, no brutality and we needn’t to count every penny. War, misery were far away and Chernobyl the only catastrophe ever closing in: I wasn’t allowed to play in the sand pit and my Grannie was supposed to throw away the vegetable thriving in her vast garden. Well, she didn’t.

Instead: Growing-up rurally, ranging the woods, vacationing on Mallorca, skiing in the Alps, idyll of southern Germany by Lake Constance, the usual ups and downs within a family.
Same throughout my youth: No thrilling events which you could use to make someone hold his breath. No big love, no out-of-control parties, no drugs. The only police confrontation happened on a small film shooting of a suicide scene on a bridge that was actually popular among suicides. We had to stop and I missed the brilliant final image.

Instead: Watching tv, playing computer games (and trespassing parents’ barriers against over-the-top consumption), careerist at school, movie theatres, sci-fi- and fantasy novels and a gang of guys for escalating games within fantastic worlds. And experimenting with writing.
When the first crisis shook me and my family I’ve just finished school. Too late to acquire childhood traumas no matter of which kind.
Maybe that “ordinariness” in my surroundings triggered my wish to escape.
As far away as possible.

Up to this day I’m fascinated by stories beyond my routine world, beyond now and here. To tell universal topics in other worlds. No matter if they happen in an unknown epoch of the past or the future, if they happen in a unknown, maybe distant place, if they happen in a unknown, extraordinary milieu. The unknown wakens my curiosity. The more it chains my perception, the better. Then I want to be a discoverer.

I love my work because it allows me to approach foreign worlds, to set out for a voyage. Because it forces me to open my eyes, to be curious. Because it expands my perspective on the world and myself. Because it opens new experiences that enrich me. Then, new impressions fill me with vibrating memories and the feeling that time extends and I truly live my life.

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